From Afrikaans:

- Poems by Ingrid Jonker from her Collected Works (Versamelde Werke, 1994). (to be published soon)

- Poems by Ingrid Jonker, Christine Barkhuizen le Roux, Wilma Stockenström and Wium van Zyl in the novel Ritratti e un vecchio sogno, (Portraits and an old dream, original title: Portretten en een oude droom) by Kader Abdolah (Iperborea 2006, ISBN 978-88-7091-150-3)

From Chinese:

- Half of Man is Woman (Nanren de yiban shi nüren, 1985) by Zhang Xianliang. The book is about the author's experience in a laogai during the late Fifties (still unpublished).

- The Room, Candlelight and An Old Picture by Feng Jicai, where the author remembers some of the darkest moments of the Cultural Revolution. (still unpublished)

From Classical Manchu:

- The Book of the Nisan Shamaness (Nisan saman-i bithe, Yakhontov's version). The book tells about the death of Serguwedei Fiyanggo and how the Nisan Shamaness manages to bring his soul back to the world of the living. (still unpublished)

From Danish:

- Note from the war in Kosovo (Notat fra Kosovokrigen, from Fralandsvind, Gyldendal 2001) by Henrik Nordbrandt (Il Foglio Volante - La Flugfolio, no. 7, July 2007)

From Dutch:

- Unfulfilled Friendship (Onvervulde Vriendschap, Exponent 1990), collection of poems by Jos Mastro. (still unpublished)

- Unintentionally Exciting (Onbedoeld Opwindend, De Woelrat 1985), collection of poems by Titus Williams. (still unpublished)

From Modern Greek:

- The snow I used to know (To chioni pou ixera, Kedros 1983) by Nikos Chuliaràs. (to be published soon)

- The details of black (I leptomeries tou mavrou, Nefeli 1993) by Nikos Chuliaràs. (to be published soon)

- Images at the height of life (Ikones sto ipsos tis zois, Nefeli 2000) by Nikos Chuliaràs. (to be published soon)

From Portuguese:

- Navigations (Navegações, Imprensa Nacional 1983, Caminho 1991) by Sophia de Mello Breyner Andresen. (to be published soon)

From Shetlandic:

- Existential paraglidin in Turkey (from Parallel worlds, Luath Press 2005) by Christine De Luca (Il Foglio Volante - La Flugfolio, no. 7, July 2007)

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